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OGWhatsApp is an OG mod version of the WhatsApp app. OG stands for OldGen, which means its design and features are similar to the early versions of Whatsapp. OGWhatsApp has too many features but we will only discuss here some of them that are worth mentioning. The OGWhatsApp apk download can be installed on any android device, however, a device with Android 4.0 or above version should be used as the OG Whatsapp is not stable on all android devices. OG Whatsapp Download link will take you to its website where you just need to click on the Download button under "Download OG Whatsapp".

OG WhatsApp

How To Install OG WhatsApp?

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OG WhatsApp guide for android here OG WhatsApp Guide

The OG Whatsapp apk has to be downloaded directly from OG's website. The OG WhatsApp is a simple OG mod app that can easily replace the original WhatsApp or any other third-party messaging apps on your device. However, if you are using the OGWhatsApp X version then it will completely replace the default WhatsApp with OGwhatsapp. It will not allow you to use both of them in parallel.

What can we say about OG WhatsApp?

Well, OG WhatsApp brings back the old look and feel of Whatsapp when it was first launched. OG WhatsApp has too many features but we will only discuss here some of the features in OG WhatsApp below

1- OG WhatsApp Is a Full OG Version of WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp and as such, it supports almost every functionality that a normal WhatsApp has to offer.  From sending files to games, OG whatsApp offers everything you are looking for (pretty much). The OG WhatsApp allows you to send images, photos, videos, audio, etc. It also offers voice recording as well which means that if you are on android 4.3 and above then you could easily record your voice by just tapping on the voice icon next to the camera option at the OG Whatsapp app. OGWhatsApp also allows you to send old-style emojis from OG WhatsApp (which is not available on normal WhatsApp) OGWhatsApp also supports group messages for up to 100 people and this feature is only supported in OG WhatsApp.

2- OG WhatsApp Is Highly Customizable

OG Whatsapp has too many customization features that you would never get tired of using as your primary messaging app. From adding customized text and background colors, changing the chat background to effects like dark mode, hiding photo previews, OGwhatsapp offers everything for anyone who loves to customize their OG WhatsApp experience. The OGwhatsapps could be used by multiple users with customizations on individual profiles without affecting other users. OGWhatsapp supports not only texts but also images and videos. OGWhatsapp allows you to hide your last seen status, making it completely irrelevant whether the person is online or offline. OGWhatsApp allows you to set a fake last seen on OGwhatsapp so that no one can tell when exactly you were online on OG WhatsApp app OGWhatsApp also offers better contact blocking feature than whatsapp, giving users more control over their blocked list. With OGWhatssApp you could block all unwanted contacts directly from chat screen without going into "all contacts" menu

3- OG Whatsapp Is Way More Stable Than Original Whatsapp

OGWhatsAPk has very few bugs in it, which makes it way more stable than OGWhatsApp. OGwhatsapp uses official WhatsApp API and as such, it also gained popularity on android platform because of its stability. OGWhatsapp allows you to change your chat colours from OG WhatsApp settings section in which you can set any colour code for your chats, that looks beautiful and cool on every chat screen. OGWhatsApp offers a full-featured Calls tab, with options to enable or disable calls from the app completely or just within groups

4- OG Whatsapp Offers More Emoji's Than OGWhatss App Itself

OGWhatsApp also supports old-style emojis (which were available before 3d emojis were introduced) from OG whatapps The fully functional "settings" menu of OGWhatsApp gives you complete access to OG Whatsapp settings from where you can customize OG WhatsApp settings just the way you want it. OGWhatsApp supports sending animated GIFs as well which is not available in OGWhatssApp OG Whatsapp also supports an unread counter-notification feature

5- OG Whatsapp Allows You to Create Groups with Up To 100 People

The OGwhatsapp allows you to create groups with any number of members, unlike normal whatsapp that only allows a maximum of 30 members on a group However OGwhataspp is also criticized for being slower than original WhatsApp, so if speed is your concern then i recommend using whatsapp official app instead.