The Importance of Going Live to Promote Your Blog

Managing a blog means both making sure that everything is going well in substance and in form. Basically, it is up to you to master your subject and find ideas that bring real added value to your blog compared to any competitors you may have online. On the form, on the other hand, you know that I regularly offer my help to give you ideas to improve the visual appearance of your site. But not that,  I can help you make it more visible too  ! That's why, after having presented you with 10 pretty handwritten fonts  that you can download to bring a little originality to the design of your blog, today I wanted to talk to you about atool that can greatly help you to make your content  and your universe discover as many people as possible: live video . And yes, because creating interesting content is not enough to ensure good notoriety for your site!

The big trend in online video

Even if you are passionate about writing and this is reflected in the content you publish on your blog, you have been warned, in this year 2018, you will also have to bet on video! Quite simply because that is what Internet users are increasingly looking for online today. According to a marketing study unveiled at the end of last year,  video now represents 69% of total internet traffic . And while it is true that  all types of video are  more or less successful at the moment, whether it is educational video snack, stop-motion  or even 360 ° video, there is a video format that has experienced a particularly rapid development in recent months: live video . And, let's face it, the live stream  madness is getting noticed on social networks as directly on blogs. It's up to you to choose the diffusion technique that suits you the most . In any case, just know that the live video  market should exceed 70 billion dollars in 2021. But you still have to know how to make a live  !


To bet on live video  in this year 2018, different options are available to you. Generally speaking, you can either bet on social networks  like Facebook or Instagram or you can choose to embed live  content directly into your site, like PokerStars does for example to broadcast  live tournaments, like the media Melty does. to  interview celebrities  of all kinds or even as NASA does to share the launch of rockets with the whole planet. In the case of a broadcast on social networks , be aware that, on Facebook for example, live videos  are on average watched three times longer  than traditional videos, generating up to twelve times more engagement and generating up to ten times more comments. On Instagram, where live video  appeared later, the trend is the same, providing an additional functionality since individuals making a video can cut their screen in half to perform their live  in the company of another user. And, more and more, Snapchat and Twitter also offer their users to bet on live video to share spontaneous and authentic moments with their community. To get started on social networks, nothing could be simpler: create an account in the name of your blog, click on the corresponding feature (often represented by a camera) and let yourself be guided since all social networks have a tutorial to teach you to use their tools. In the case of broadcasting a live video  directly on your blog , you can simply share an embed code of your live video , whether it is made on YouTube, Facebook or even Periscope for example, in a special tab of your blog. It is then a question of (almost) transforming your blog into a television channel!


Now that you know how to share a live video, it's high time to know how to be ready and especially effective during a live. Lucky for you, I'm here to share some tips for you to put into practice, with some that are certified by Facebook directly. The first thing to do before you even go live is to announce the broadcast of your live video  to make sure you have a certain number of viewers when you launch. To do this, use your newsletter, emailing or social networks to announce your next live video . The goal is to tease your audience and make them meet! Secondly, remember to  introduce yourself several times  during the live  since new spectators will join you regularly during the video. Explain the topic of your video and who you are to provide clear context for your audience. Also, it seems logical but it is not necessarily easy to do, it is advisable to  interact well with your spectators  during your live  : you must be ready to improvise and answer everyone's questions. In this regard, keep in mind that comments, which display live at the bottom of the screen on Facebook as well as on Instagram, appear in reverse chronological order, as on Twitter. In this, the first comments may be further down, so be careful not to overlook them. Finally, my last advice, and not the least, would be to advise you to be as natural and spontaneous as possible, because this is the strength of live video , valued for its authenticity. If you want your audience to want to read what you write on your blog, you need to know how to convince them orally and in video first!